I am a cinematographer based in Basel, Switzerland.

When I came to Switzerland in 2015 I started in the Light department. As a gaffer I worked on many short films, music videos and commercials like the Lindt Christmas Campaign with DP Pascal Reinmann or the music video "Show you" for Zian with DP Jonas Steinbacher.

In 2019 I started to transition to Cinematographer. Some recent commercials I shot are the BAG Campaign "Lieber impfen lassen" (Jen Ries),  the Spot for the "Ehe für Alle" (Marriage for All) campaign (Nicole Beutler) and four Spots for the Frauenhaus Graubunden (Jen Ries), and also the fiction short films “Warum?” (Juliana Bearth), “Siebzähni” (Nicole Beutler), “Closure”(Esra Tas) and “Secrets” (Sophia Ralston).

You can follow my daily work on Instagram: @biby_jacob


+41 78 401 8973